The European Space Agency’s historic Rosetta mission reaches an exciting new phase this month. The craft, which has been following Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as it raced through the inner solar system, will get a close-up view of the comet’s icy nucleus when it makes its closest approach to the Sun on August 13, 2015. Join Slooh on the night of August 11th as we discuss this latest phase of the Rosetta mission with highlights from our landmark show with ESA’s project scientist, Dr. Matt Taylor.We’ll be discussing the mission so far, what scientists hope to learn from this new phase, and how Slooh members have helped professional astronomers keep an eye on the comet throughout the last year.

Mark your calendars for this show on the night of August 11th, just a day before the comet– and the Rosetta craft– make their historic close approach to the Sun, and join us as we attempt to understand our place in the universe by learning more about the building blocks of our solar system.

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