On Thursday, June 30th, we’re celebrating Asteroid Day by taking a look back at some of our biggest and best asteroid broadcasts, and find out what the world is doing to protect us from these threats.

Slooh has been hard at work over the last several years, tracking asteroids through our live telescopes around the world. We’ve spotted dozens of these flying space rocks, zooming through our field of view, some coming dangerously close to our very vulnerable planet. During our four hour broadcast we will revisit asteroids like ‘The Beast’, ‘Pitbull’, and ‘Spooky the Halloween Asteroid’.

We’ll speak to experts in the emerging field of asteroid mining to discover the how some private companies are hoping to use these flying hazards to facilitate deep space travel.

And as NASA works toward furthering their own goals of space exploration, we’ll take a look at their plans for tracking, capturing, and possibly landing on asteroids in the future.