Though it’s less than a kilometer across, asteroid 2011 UW158, which passes just 1.5 million miles from Earth on July 19, 2015, has captured the attention of asteroid miners who wish to tap into the bountiful resources of the solar system. The size, composition, and orbit of 2011 UW158 have gained it a place on the short list of asteroids that might make a good target for robotic mining missions in the near future. And it’s no wonder… planetary scientists estimate the little asteroid might contain $300 billion to as much as $5.4 trillion dollars worth of precious metals and minerals. Join Slooh as we examine this little asteroid through our remote telescopes and discuss the possibilities of asteroid mining missions in the coming years. During this live show, Slooh astronomers will discuss:

  • What we know so far about asteroid 2011 UW158 and how planetary scientists estimate its composition and potential value
  • What planetary scientists hope to learn about 2011 UW158 during this close approach
  • What close approaches of asteroids to Earth mean for the possibility of mining and further exploration of the solar system
  • What might be involved in sending a mission to mine an asteroid

Mark your calendars to join us for this show on July 19, 2015.

$5 Trillion Dollar Asteroid Makes Close Approach to Earth
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