Slooh Community Participates in Supernova Discovery


At 04:06UTC when most Slooh members were probably fast asleep, a post was made in the Clubhouse….

Long-time member Colin Drescher wrote “My friend has possibly made his 100th SN discovery in the galaxy ESO 509-108 (PGC 48876) in Hydra. If you would like to help out, change your mission to coordinates RA 13h47m12s Dec -24 22′ 21″ on C1.”
Within minutes, his call for help was answered, with two members changing their Chile Missions to the coordinates Colin had provided. This kind of collaboration and fast reaction to astronomical events has long been one of the most exciting aspects of Slooh. We’ve spoken to several professional astronomers over the years who said they could only dream of having such resources and speed of response at their fingertips!
We didn’t have long to wait last night before the first mission ran at 06:50UTC – and we watched the image above appear in the Mission Interface.

And we weren’t disappointed. Closer inspection reveals the tiny faint galaxy with its “new star” close to the galaxy’s core at around the 11 o’clock position. Despite the professional large scale all-sky surveys hunting the skies every night, this kind of discovery is well within the reach of Slooh members, so get on with it.

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