• 2015-02-13T065037UTC_MIotD_SN_Confirmation

    Slooh Community Participates in Supernova Discovery

    At 04:06UTC when most Slooh members were probably fast asleep, a post was made in the Clubhouse…. Long-time member Colin Drescher wrote “My friend has possibly made his 100th SN discovery in the galaxy ESO 509-108 (PGC 48876) in Hydra. If you would like to help out, change your mission to coordinates RA 13h47m12s Dec […]

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  • Time Mag

    Slooh’s Media Syndication

    Slooh’s coverage of the October 8th Lunar Eclipse was featured simultaneously on the home pages of TIME Magazine, The New York Times and Wired Magazine, as well as thousands of other websites throughout the world. For more information on how to embed Slooh’s celestial event coverage into your media property, website or blog, click here.

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  • sat

    Saturn Near Antares and Moon on March 12

    Saturn grows closer and brighter in the early morning sky this month on its way to opposition on May 23, 2015. The ringed planet lies just over 1º southwest of the last-quarter Moon on March 12 and 9º north of the bright red supergiant Antares. Look for the grouping above the southeastern horizon before dawn. Shining […]

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  • faroe

    The Eclipse at the Edge of the Earth

    The total solar eclipse is happening this March 20th, but Slooh’s journey to totality has already started. Slooh Community Manager Paul Cox is making the journey to one of the few landmasses on Earth that will be able to see absolutely everything that this eclipse has to offer: the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. […]

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