4 Easy Ways Anybody Can Celebrate Astronomy Day


This April 25th is Astronomy Day! In celebration of the space-centric day in our fourth month of the year, here are four ways that absolutely anyone take advantage of what we here at Slooh believe should be a global holiday.

Poor Pluto's in the doghouse.1.) Have an emotional fight with your best friend about Pluto. No, really, do it. It’s important. Whether you have been beside yourself with grief over Pluto’s, er, ruff demotion, or overjoyed that your arch-nemesis spacerock has finally received the gloriously humiliating marginalization it deserves, the world needs to hear your opinion about the universe.

Astronomy does not have to just be a bunch of old British guys in flowing-Fabio, white wigs making maps and naming things after each other. When we all get passionate about space, our voices become a part of the conversation. 40,000 of you signed Slooh’s petition to save Hubble when it was in danger back in 2004. Has Hubble been scrapped yet? No, it hasn’t. I’m not saying it’s thanks solely to our petition, but I’m also not not saying it.

2.) Turn off your lights. Don’t worry about the creepy monsters in the shadows of your pitch black room. They will appreciate your celebratory astronomy day gesture. Whether we are human or monster or dancer, we are all denizens of this universe, and so can all appreciate a little astronomy. And let me tell you, we will ALL appreciate it. Look at how happy this man is to have unscrewed his light bulb!


Not only do you get to see more stars, because they aren’t competing with your brand new curlicue light bulbs, but the big observatories with the big telescopes get to see more too. Every moment of less light and more darkness is a victory for those pioneers who keep peering deeper and deeper into space. Every photon makes a difference, folks.

armageddon-555880_12803.) Keep an eye out for asteroids creeping up on Earth. Bruce Willis won’t be around forever. We need to make sure we know of these threats waaaaay in advance, so we can prepare for them without too much worry of any spacerock smacking Earth in the face with an end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it sucker punch. You don’t bounce back from that one.

Use your own garden variety, hobbyist telescope to track asteroids close by, or use Slooh’s to do it. Either way, play Galaga in real life and save all our lives.

4.) Find a clear night sky and look up. The universe is on display right there for you always and forever. There is so much out there to explore, whether you are an astronaut travelling out into infinity or an imaginative child marveling at it all from the ground. In a world of transience, motion, and impermanence, the elegant, boundless, cosmic tapestry within which we all exist is one thing that will never go away. On Astronomy Day we celebrate the universe, which, by definition, includes ourselves and our own sense of wonder and connection to it all. Don’t forget the s’mores.


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