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  • 2015-02-26_MIotD_Comet_C-2015-D3-PanSTARRS_BerndL

    Slooh Members Confirm Comet Discoveries

    On the 27th February 2015, two Electronic Circulars were issued by the Minor Planet Center (MPECs) confirming the discovery of two comets. Slooh members helped confirm the discoveries. Once again, collaboration between Slooh members made this achievement possible. Bernd Lutkenhoner coordinated the effort with Colin Drescher and Paul Cox providing

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  • 2015-02-13T065037UTC_MIotD_SN_Confirmation

    Community Participates in Supernova Discovery

    At 04:06UTC when most Slooh members were probably fast asleep, a post was made in the Clubhouse…. Long-time member Colin Drescher wrote “My friend has possibly made his 100th SN discovery in the galaxy ESO 509-108 (PGC 48876) in Hydra. If you would like to help out, change your mission

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