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    A Surprising View of the Deep Sky With Slooh’s Remote Telescopes

    On the night of April 11, 1785, William and Caroline Herschel, with a hand-made telescope and notebook, embarked on a “Night of Discovery” during which they found some 74 previously unseen deep-sky objects. It was a marathon of visual discovery that remains unrivalled to this day. In a recent live broadcast, Slooh astronomers

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  • Boys at Totality

    The New York Times Covers Slooh’s Reaction at Totality

    How is this for incestuous celestial media coverage–indulge me as I cover The New York Times’ coverage of our coverage of the Total Solar Eclipse. The paper of record describes Slooh’s seminal coverage of the March 20th, 2015 Total Solar Eclipse: “The eclipse was total, meaning the sun was fully blocked by the

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Partnerships with NASA, IAC, Google, Wanderlust and others

Our partners help to bring live telescope feeds of the cosmos to the world. Thank you. Come take a look at some of the cool projects they're involved in.

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